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Smart fast food cabinet



Intelligent fast food cabinet parameters:

Product specification:1825(height)mm*660(width)mm*459(deep)mm

Host adopts8inchLVDStouch display


16Aresidual protection switch


Disinfection system:12VUV strip


Lighting:12V-LEDLight bar


Customized type: customizable canopy, advertising space span>

Smart Fast Food Cabinet Product Introduction:

        Intelligent fast food cabinetDistribution and network management are integrated to realize the intelligent distribution function of fast food network, and it is very good. To solve the problem of food delivery, the smart fast food cabinet is a high-tech device based on the Internet of Things that can keep fast food fresh and sterilize it with ultraviolet lamps. The shape is similar to the item storage cabinet in the express delivery industry. Its intelligence lies in that, in addition to automatically sending information to customers after checking the information, in addition to notifying customers to pick up, it can also intelligently control the safety of food.

        With the development of technology, intelligence has gradually occupied our lives! Today, the market has set off a heat wave of self-service and shared services, and self-service food cabinets are also one of them. For office workers and student parties, dining is a more annoying thing. When ordering food in the cafeteria, you need to wait in long queues, and when ordering take-out, you are worried about food safety. Today, the emergence of smart fast food cabinets perfectly solves the troubles of these office workers and student parties.

        Smart fast food cabinetUsing technology concepts such as password recognition and the Internet of Things to make it easier to take out food, we no longer have to be hungry The queue for food! The perfect function perfectly solves the pressure problem during the peak hours of dining in the canteens of large enterprises, government agencies and units, university canteens, hospital canteens, etc.