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6 door thermostatic cabinet



6 Door Thermostat-Cabinet Body:

  • Dimensions: 2021(H) x 1100(W) x 550(D) mm

  • Cabinet surface treatment: high temperature thermosetting spraying, outdoor environmental protection paint.

  • Cabinet material: 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate.

  • effective volume: 450 liters

6 Door Thermostat -Grid Mouth:

  • Number of grids: 6

  • Grid size: 450(H) x 440(W) x 420(D) mm

  • Cabinet Material: Stainless Steel (304)

  • A temperature sensor is installed in each box, and waterproof lighting and fans are installed in the box.

  • Each box is equipped with door switch sensor and elastic self-closing door hinge.

6 Door Thermostat- Cooling Range: 0 ℃-15℃

6 door thermostatic cabinet-Features:remote control possible Temperature

    Smart defrost, energy efficient

   Super Mute