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Smart Vaccine Storage Cabinet



1. Background of smart vaccine storage cabinet

1.1. Boyue Zhizao has an efficient and refined R&D team, which improves the team division of labor, improves work efficiency and project quality. With the improvement of the quality of life and the development of science and technology, researchers have never stopped developing new projects.

1.2. Vaccines are not only an indispensable element in the growth of children, but also the umbrella of our adults. The safety of vaccines concerns all families and affects the hearts of all people in the world. The new coronavirus pneumonia in 2020 has brought great harm to human beings. In the face of the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the early development of a vaccine has become people's eager expectation. The first research and development of the new coronavirus vaccine has achieved outstanding results, and clinical trials are already underway, and the number of participants will be gradually expanded in September. Vaccines are very sensitive to temperature. In order to keep the "lifeline" of vaccines, under the correct guidance of the company's leaders and relevant departments, we have worked together to develop smart vaccine storage cabinets. The temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.5℃, which ensures the safety and stability of the vaccine, and effectively records the access records of the vaccine.

II. Brief description of smart vaccine storage cabinet

2.1. The smart vaccine cabinet can access vaccines through face recognition, fingerprints, card swiping, etc.; and automatically upload the time, photos, quantity and other information of unpacking and accessing vaccines data.

III. Features and advantages of smart vaccine cabinets

3.1,enlarge the central evaporator refrigeration system, improve the heat transfer efficiency, Make the cabinet cool faster, lower temperature and lower energy consumption.

3.2, Each box is equipped with an independent constant temperature fan to ensure uniform temperature across multiple cabinets.

3.3, Using hot wire defrosting, the defrosting speed is fast, and the defrosting is automatic Accurate control and stable performance.

3.4,Each box is equipped with an independent indicator light and a door switch sensor, Clear instructions for user convenience.

3.5, Due to the different survival temperatures of vaccines, the smart vaccine cabinet is very human-friendly in design The temperature is adjustable, the cooling temperature range: 0 ℃ to 20 ℃.

3.6,This product is specially designed for medical use, and the box is made of food-grade stainless steel , rust-proof and safe. Anti-corrosion effect. Each box is equipped with independent electronic locks, lights, and infrared sensors.

four, product performance parameters

4.1, host: 27-inch touch screen

4.2. Authentication method: face recognition, fingerprint, credit card, etc. (optional)

4.3, Cabinet size: W1100mmxD550mmxH2021mm

4.4, single grid size: W440 x H450 x D420

4.5, thickness of insulation layer: environmental protection foam insulation material

4.6, Cabinet material: 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate

4.7, effective volume: 450 liters

4.8, number of boxes: 6

4.9, performance: 800W-1200W cooling capacity

4.10, Refrigeration range: 0°C to 20°C, temperature measurement accuracy ±0.5°C

4.11, Cooling method: air circulation cooling

4.12, power supply: 220V/60HZ/AC

4.13, box material stainless steel (304)

V. Smart vaccine storage cabinet application Scene

5.1, research institutes, hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, disease prevention and control institutions, inoculation units, vaccine production enterprises, vaccine wholesale enterprises, etc.